"I am an invisible man."

Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man (1952)

I, however, am an increasingly, incredible Visible Woman!

joan cohen

You don't see me. No one does.


Lloyd: I am an invisible man.

Nina: You are not. And I need you to finish changing those light bulbs like I asked. Your parents are coming, and will see the changes you've made in your life, and they'll be really proud of you.

Lloyd: They've never really seen me, though. Why would they notice me now? It really does feel like I'm just invisible to them.

Nina: When they learn we are going to be parents, darling, they will see you in a new way. I see you in a new way. But they won't see anything if you don't change those bulbs in the guest room.

Lloyd: (getting bulbs from closet) Then maybe I shouldn't change the bulbs.



I am dazzling because I am covered in jewels, which are mere scales for me, a dragon who can be also a rat or a beetle or anything in between: I am often a bird, one of true iridescene and so common you always see me but my true colors so rare I am rarely realized.