Through the fence, between the curling flower spaces, I could see them hitting.

William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury (1929)

We bought the house in Salt Lake City because of the hole in the fence. The boys crawled through to meet their new neighbors: a boy their age and his older sister. Normally the Mormons didn't associate with newcomers who showed no interest in joining the Church. But because of the hole in the fence, we became friends. We lived in that house for five years. Eventually, we turned the hole into a gate. It served as a bridge between our cultures during a time that often felt like a sojourn in a foreign country, an anthropological mission, a junior year abroad.


I remember the day we put that gate in, and how we all stood around to admire it, because there it was, standing so tall and great and proud. The gold shined and blinded us all in the afternoon sun.


On this day that I happened upon the gate, it was open, just a bit. Behind it, I could see (and yes, hear) the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life.


The day I saw the silver gate and sparks of red, yellow, and orange bordered the path, the addition of the sun made the scene all that more exciting, I see one of the more exciting things that made this day all that more unreal. I don't think I could really express it, you had to be there to understand this brilliant scene.


The thing is, that with this gate the sun shone brighter. There was always some kind of life there. I could hear it or them and smell it or them. In the mornings tha familyies of crickets would jump from backyard to backyard, always crossing the gate. During the day, it was either the cat, the dog, or us who crossed it. And in the dead of night, the cat could be heard meowing from the gate


Jacinta LOPEZ

One day the gate and fence will be swallowed whole by nature. Vines and tall grasses and climbing flowers will devour it as rain and snow work together to reclaim it to the earth.


They were enormous and disfigured creatures, with luminous eyes that required just a flash to pierce the innermost depths of your soul.


Not showing any fear I approached them and instead of piercing my soul they developed a gentle smile which made me see the beauty of the flowers.