"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

The Wizard of Oz

I never knew this would happen to me. I thought I could just live in a normal world with a normal life.

Hello I'm Rose, and next week I will turn 14. I live in the little town of Bristol, although it's not really a town its just a few farm houses on the side of the road. My mother always tells me that one day we will move to the kingdom and live a wonderful just as soon as we have the money. But I know that she is just trying to get me to work harder after all, my father died last year and making money on a farm is really hard. I just finished working a little early so I thought I would make dinner before my mother gets home. I never know what I am going to make but the choices are small because we only have mushrooms and bread and sometimes if we are lucky we will have fish but really nothing else. Tonight we have fish so I made a fire from the wood I found on my way back from the fields. Just then my mother came bursting into the room. "I have news the prince will be coming here to see the fields tomorrow we must get everything ready." said my mother. Oh dear I thought this can't be good.

This is just the beginning,

By: Kalista Becker

Kalista Becker

Ed balls


It had become a habit, talking to the dog. It wasn't that she was lonely; she was perfectly happy to be alone. And she was against the idea of treating animals as if they were humans. This was, as far as she was concerned, insulting to animals. But sometimes the words built up inside her and needed to come out, to be released just as she navigated the strangeness of the strange coloring of the world shifting around her. She felt as if she were inside a snowglobe. And someone was shaking and watching at whim.

Mo Frank

"Dorothy, I have a feeling we were never in Kansas."