"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

The Wizard of Oz

Let me be,

Why keep me prisoner?

Your toxic views keep me confined

My persona is conceding to your strong advances,

Please, Please

Let me be.

I want to live

I want to live

I want to taste the air

Smell happiness

And touch freedom

When your around my airways constrict,

suffocated i try to breathe

while preforming numerous impossible tasks

in hopes

that one day

ill be free...

Freedom is the hunger that

it seems

ill never satisfy

Happiness is an impossible goal that always seems so far away

Why must it be so

Prayer,hard work, and hope all seems to be failing me,

what did i do to deserve this

what did i do?

No, I must stop

I will stop

Happiness is my goal

so simple and pure

it will be achieved

Until this earth is scorched black with my attempts

My skin, cut and bruised

I will be worn down and thrown down

But no matter what

Happiness is my goal

A kind of sweet smell is what i crave,

Music playing on the streets of memory lane is what i long to hear,

The touch of silk is what i want to feel

when i think of you

but i am no fool.

Happiness is my goal, i need to face the monster

I've never been your prisoner

I've always been my own

You've been a gorgeous monstrosity of my own design

Your toxicity kept in a trance i was to stupid to get out of

but not any more

I want to live

I will thrive

I've never needed you by my side

Just that i was afriad

that without you i'd die

but either way

I'll die

Only difference is

Now, the question of when is something I'll decide.

Ricardo Pliego

Sometimes I wake up

I go back to sleep


read in my bed

until it is time to work

I'd rather read than work


sleep than eat


subsist off of dreams

Sometimes I wake up

and I make tea


eat breakfast

I'd still rather read than work


eat than sleep


everyone has a job to do

Genevieve D